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    International Generals and Admirals Who Have Signed Statement Advocating Abolition of Nuclear Weapons
    Made Public December 5, 1996

      Major General Leonard V. Johnson (ret.)
      Commandent, National Defense College


      Lt. General Gunnar Kristensen (ret.)
      Former Chief of Defense Staff


      Admiral Antoine Sanguinetti (ret.)
      Former Chief of Staff, French Fleet


      General Emmanuel Erskine (ret.)
      Former Commander in Chief and Chief of Staff, UNTSO (Middle East) Commander UMFII (Lebanon)


      Lt. General Richard Capellos (ret.)
      Former Corps Commander

      Major General Kostas Konstantinides (ret.)
      Former Chief of Staff, Army Signals

      Lt. General Georgios Koumanakos (ret.)
      Former Chief of Operations


      Major General Indar Jit Rikhye (ret.)
      Former military advisor to U.N. Sec. Gen.
      Dag Akmmerskjold and U Thant

      Air Marshall N.C. Surt (ret.)


      Vice Admiral Naotoshi Sakono (ret.)
      Sr. Advisor Research Institute for Peace & Security

      Lt. General Toshiyuki Shikata (ret.)
      Sr. Advisor Research Institute for Peace & Security


      Major General Shafiq Ajeilat (ret.)
      Vice President Military Affairs Múta University

      Major General Mohammed K. Shiyyab (ret.)
      Former Deputy Commander Royal Jordanian Air Force


      Brig-Gen. Henny J. Van der Graaf (ret.)
      RNA, Dir Ctr. Arms Control & Verification
      Member, U.N. Advisory Board for Disarmament Matters


      Vice Admiral Roy Breivik, Roy (ret.)
      Former Representative to NATO
      Supreme Allied Commander, Atlantic


      Major General Ihsun ul Haq Malik (ret.)
      Commandant, Joint Services Committee


      Marshal Francisco da Costa Gomes (ret.)
      Former Commander in Chief, Army
      Former President of Portugal


      General Vladimir Belous (ret.)
      Department Chief, Dzerzhinsky Military Academy

      Army General Makhmut Gareev (ret.)
      Former Dep. Chief, Dept. of Gen. Staff USSR Armed Forces

      Maj. General Victor Koltounov (ret.)
      Former Dep. Chief, Dept. of Gen. Staff USSR Armed Forces

      Maj. General Larionov Valentin (ret.)
      Professor, General Staff Academy

      Maj. General Alexander Lebed (ret.)
      Former Sec. of the Security Council

      Major General Youri V. Lebedev (ret.)
      Former Deputy Chief, Dept. of Gen. Staff USSR Armed Forces

      Major General Vadim Majarevsky (ret.)
      Deputy Chief Kouibyshev Military Engineering Academy

      Lt. General Vladimir Medvedev (ret.)
      Chief, Center of Nuclear Threat Reduction

      Colonel General Georgy Mikhailov (ret.)
      Former Deputy Chief, Dept. of Gen. Staff USSR Armed Forces

      Major General Eugeny Nozhin (ret.)
      Former Deputy Chief, Dept. of Gen. Staff USSR Armed Forces

      Lt. General Lev Rokhlin (ret.)
      Chief, Duma Defense Committee
      Former Commander Russian 4th Army Corps

      Lt. General Ivan Sleport (ret.)
      Former Chief, Dept. of Gen. Staff USSR Armed Forces

      Major General Simonyan Rair (ret.)
      Head of Chair, General Staff Academy

      General Boris T. Surikov (ret.)
      Former Chief Specialist Defense Ministry

      Col. General Nikolay Tehervov (ret.)
      Former Chief, Dept. of Gen. Staff USSR Armed Forces

      Lt. Gen. Michael S. Vinogradov (ret.)
      Former Deputy Chief Operational Strategic Center
      USSR General Staff

      Rear Admiral Radiy Zoubkov (ret.)
      Chief, Navigation, USSR Navy

    Sri Lanka

      Maj. General Upali A. Karunaratne (ret.)

      Maj. General C.A.M.N. Silva (ret.)
      USF, U.S.A. WC


      Maj. General H.C. Lupogo (ret.)
      Former Chief Inspector General Tanzania Armed Forces

    United Kingdom

      General Sir Huge Beach (ret.)
      Member, U.K. Security Commission

      Field Mar. Lord Michael Carver (ret.)
      Commander in Chief for E. British Army (1967-69),
      Chief of Gen. Staff (1971-73)
      Chief of Defense Staff (1973-76)

      Brigadier Michael Harbottle (ret.)
      Former Chief of Staff U.N. Peacekeeping Force, Cyprus

      Air Commodore Alistair Mackie (ret.)
      Former Director Air Staff Briefing

    United States

      Lt. General Julius Becton (USA)(ret.)

      Maj. General William F. Burns (USA)(ret.)
      JCS Representative INF Negotiations (1981-88)
      Special Envoy to Russia for Nuclear Weapons Dismantlement (1992-93)

      Rear Adm. Eugene J. Carroll, Jr. (USN)(ret.)
      Dep. Director, Ctr for Defense Information

      Lt. Gen. John H. Cushman (USA)(ret.)
      Commander, I. Corps (ROK/US) Group
      (Korea) (1976-78)

      General John R. Galvin
      Supreme Allied Commander Europe (1987-92)

      Admiral Noel Gayler (USN)(ret.)
      Former Commander, Pacific

      General Charles A. Horner (USAF)(ret.)
      Commander, Coalition Air Forces Desert Storm (1991)
      Former Commander, U.S. Space Command

      Rear Adm. Robert G. James (USNR) (ret.)

      General Robert C. Kingston (USA)(ret.)
      Former Commander U.S. Central Command

      Vice Admiral John M. Lee (USN)(ret.)

      General William E. Odom (USA)(ret.)
      Director, National Security Studies Hudson Institute
      Dep. Asst. and Asst. Chief of Staff for Intelligence (1981-85)
      Director, Natl. Security Agency (1985-88)

      General Andrew O'Meara (USA)(ret.)
      Former Commander U.S. Army, Europe

      Lt. General Robert E. Pursley (USAF)(ret.)

      Vice Admiral William L. Read (USN)(ret.)
      Former Commander, U.S. Navy Surface Force, Atlantic Command

      General Bernard W. Rogers (USA)(ret.)
      Former Chief of Staff, U.S. Army

      Lt. Gen. George M. Seighious II (USA)(ret.)
      Former Director, Army Control & Disarmament Agency

      Vice Admiral John J. Shanahan (USN)(ret.)
      Director, Center for Defense Information

      General William Y. Smith (USAF)(ret.)
      Former Deputy U.S. Commander U.S. European Command

      Vice Admiral James B. Wilson (USN)(ret.)
      Former Polaris Submarine Captain

    A similar Statement was issued simultaneously by:

      General Lee Butler (USAF)(ret.)
      Former Commander-In-Chief, Strategic Air Comand (1992-94)

      General Andrew Goodpaster (USA)(ret.)
      Supreme Allied Commander in Europe (1969-74)