In preparation for the upcoming 1998 State of the World Forum, we have compiled a list of important reading material for Our Common Enterprise participants to review for the OCE working sessions during the Forum. Please review as much of the following materials as possible. You can link to the various documents from this page.

If you are participating in Our Common Enterprise and would like to add a link to a relevant electronic document to this list, please e-mail your suggestions to

United Nations
United Nations Briefing Papers: The World Conferences: Developing Priorities for the 21st Century

United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)
1998 Human Development Report

The United Nations University Millennium Project
1998 State of the Future: Issues and Opportunities

The Rockefeller Brothers Fund Project on World Security has published a series of four papers

  • The Inventory of Security Projects
  • The New Security Thinking: A Review of the North American Literature
  • Economic Globalization and Political Stability in Developing Countries
  • Poverty, Inequality, and Political Stability in Developing Countries
All of these can be found at:

Rockefeller Brothers Fund Global Interdependence Initiative
Global Interdependence and the Need for Social Stewardship
available as a pdf. file at

United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)
documentation relating to the Universal Ethics Project

United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA)
The State of the World Population Report 1998


UNFPA's Ongoing Series of Booklets
advocating action in the area of reproductive health and population

United Nations Research Institute for Social Development (UNRISD) Publications On-line

  • Adjustment, Globalization and Social Development
  • Report of the UNRISD/UNDP International Seminar on Economic
  • Restructuring and Social Policy, New York
  • Advancing the Social Agenda: Two Years After Copenhagen
  • Report of the UNRISD International Conference and Public Meeting, Geneva
  • After the Conflict: A Review of Selected Sources on Rebuilding War-torn Societies (OPW 1)
  • After the Golden Age: The Future of the Welfare State in the New Global Order (OP 7)
  • After the Social Summit: Implementing the Programme of Action
  • Report of the UNRISD Seminar on After the Social Summit: Implementing the Programme of Action, Geneva
  • Authoritarian Rule and Democracy in Africa: A Theoretical Discourse (DP 18)
These UNRISD documents can be found at

Organisation for Economic Development and Cooperation (OECD) Development Assistance Committeets

Compliation of on-line documents centered around
Shaping the 21st Century: The Contribution of Development Co-operation.
These documents focus on areas of:

  • Conflict, Peace and Development Co-operation
  • Environment and Development
  • Gender Equality
  • Governance
  • Private Sector
  • Development
  • Regional Issues
  • Trade and Development
  • Statistics

    These OECD documents can be found at