James Garrison

Linda Armstrong
Development Associate

David Beiser
Program Coordinator

Bob Bruce
Director of Program Services

Cheyanne Church
Public Affairs Officer

Tad Daley, J.D., Ph.D.
Associate Director, Global Security Programs

J. Lightfoot Fry
Chief Information Officer

Shuly Galili
Marketing and Outreach Coordinator

Elena Goss
Special Projects Associate

Erica Linson
Forum Associate

Diane Mailey
Marketing and Outreach Director

Carrie McClelland
Program Associate

Carman Melendrez
Special Projects Coordinator

Tom Rautenberg
Director, Strategic Development

Arne Rossi
Chief Operations Officer

Kumar Rupesinghe
Director, State of the World Forum-London
Director, Coexistence and Community Building Initiative

Tony Shorney
Systems Integration Analyst

Doug Young
Strategic Initiative Associate