Andreas Andreopoulos
Creative Director, Interactive Multimedia

Michael Banks
Senior Consultant, KRW International

Lester Brown
President, WorldWatch Institute

Noel Brown
President, Friends of the United Nations

Susan Davis
Chairman and CEO, Capital Missions Company

Ann Druyan
Secretary, Federation of American Scientists;
Television Producer

Foong Wai Fong
Managing Director, The Transforma Group,

Randall Forsberg
Director, Institute for Defense & Disarmament Studies

Kathy Gardarian
President, Qualis International, Inc.

James George

Hazel Henderson
Futurist; Economist; Author

Abid Hussain
Vice Chairman, Rajiv Gandhi Foundation

Hagar Islambouly
Consul General, Arab Republic of Egypt

Kassa Kebede
Secretary of Foreign Affairs, Ethiopia (1988-1991)

Rustem Khairov
Executive Director, Foundation for the Survival and Development of Humanity

Rafael Y. Kohanoff
President, Calidad y la Participacion

Michael Levett
President, Citizens Democracy Corps

Zulfu Livaneli

Anese Majid Khan
Chairman, Esena Foundation, Pakistan

Fred Matser
President, Gorbachev Foundation/The Netherlands

Akio Matsumura
Founder, Global Forum

George McCown
Managing Partner, McCown, De Leeuw & Co.

Linda McGoldrick
Managing Director, Financial Health Associates Ltd.

Harriett Mouchly-Weiss
Chair and CEO, Strategy XXI Group

Robert Muller
Chancellor, University for Peace

Martin Palmer
Director, International Consultancy on Religion,
Education and Culture, U.K.

Jagdish Parikh
Managing Director, Lemuir Group of Companies,

K.S. Raju
Chairman, Nagarjuna Group, India

Stephen Rhinesmith
President, Rhinesmith & Associates

Rustum Roy
Director, Materials Research Lab, Penn State

Frank Schwalba-Hoth
Co-Founder, German Greens

Noordin Sopiee
Director General, Institute of Strategic &
International Studies, Malaysia

Victoria Stack
President, International Communication Initiatives

Mahbub ul Haq
President, Human Development Centre, Pakistan

Wilford Welch
Publisher, World Times