In addition to the annual international conferences convened in San Francisco, the State of the World Forum convenes regional conferences around the world to highlight critical local issues that have a global impact. 

The first European Conference, to be held in partnership with the Belfast City Council, will take place in Belfast, Northern Ireland on May 4-9, 1999, to discuss issues of The Challenge of Reconciliation: Diversity and Community in a Global Age.  A central focus of the conference will be to draw international attention to the extraordinary achievement of the construction of the European Union.  Belfast is a compelling location within Europe for such an event to take place. The experience of this city provides a microcosm of many of the problems and challenges experienced both in Europe and throughout the world as people struggle to coexist and build community. 

The conference will also serve as a launching platform for the Coexistence and Community-Building Initiative and will gather individuals from around the world who are working on issues of coexistence and community-building. Progressio Foundation is convening a Global Business Summit entitled "Shaping Sustainable Globalization: Elightened Business Leaders on the Front Line" during the conference.

The next European Conference will be held in partnership with the Anti-Defamation League on the issue of 'Should Great Crimes Against Humanity be Forgiven?  The Challenge of Preventing Genocide in the 21st Century'.  This conference was inspired by Simon Wiesenthal's book, 'The Sunflower' and will take place at the Imperial Palace (the Hofburg) in Vienna, Austria in Spring 2000.