The State of the World Forum millennium project, 'Our Common Enterprise' is a two year project that will be launched during the 1998 State of the World Forum.  Our Common Enterprise (OCE) will comprise the primary work of the State of the World Forum over the next two years. The focus of this endeavor will be to develop:

  • A Sustainable, Transcultural Agenda for the 21st Century - to articulate an integrated, ethical and programmatic framework for the future, the cornerstone of which will be the seven major UN conferences, independent commissions, corporate and academic think tanks, and the on-going work of the global interfaith community;

  • Model Programs and Best Practices - to identify model programs and best practices, already in existence, which exemplify and demonstrate the practicality of building a sustainable civilization.

  • State-of-the-art Decision Support System - to establish a permanent, internet-based global research and decision-support capability comprised of an international consortium of leading private and public think tanks and applied research centers worldwide which can serve as an objective reference standard for the provision of critical information, knowledge and wise council as regards the future development of a sustainable human civilization;

  • Civic Leadership Development - to create a Global Leadership Council comprised of innovative leaders from the fields of politics, social activism, business, finance, science, academia, religion and the arts who have participated in and are committed to OCE;

  • Transmedia Communication and Education - to develop television, radio, print and internet presentations and educational packages designed to inform, inspire and involve the interested public and civic institutions;

  • UN 2000 Forum - to conclude in September of the year 2000 in New York to coincide with the special Millennium General Assembly of the United Nations in order to present the findings and recommendations of OCE to the political leaders as they gather for their deliberations as well as commence OCE's outreach and interaction with the global public.

    To date, over 100 people from 36 countries have confirmed their participation in the launching of the Common Enterprise.

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