Composing a Life
Mary Catherine Bateson

With startling originality, Mary Catherine Bateson explores "that act of creation that engages us all-the composition of our lives" by interweaving portraits of five extraordinary women, including herself.
Peter Block

"An original and profound new view on running organizations.... Block transcends all extant leadership literature with this primary source on the organizational dynamics of the future, which will soon be copied. He has heard an as-yet unknown muse and conceived the organizational strunteed to be controversial; strongly recommended." - Library Journal
Built to Last : Successful Habits of Visionary Companies
James C. Collins, Jerry I. Porras (Contributor)

Based on a groundbreaking and influential research project, this Industry Week Book of the Year for 1995 has begun to fundamentally change the way in which executives think about long-term success. This new edition features an Introduction by the authors which describes what they have learned since the book's original publication.
The Age of Heretics : Heroes, Outlaws, and the Forerunners of Corporate Change
Art Kleiner

"Radical behavior is rarely acknowledged as a characteristic of the corporate world, where status quo is generally king and revolutionary thought usually banished to the fringes. In The Age of Heretics, however, journalist Art Kleiner shows that a powerful group of progressive thinkers really did exist within the realm of traditional business during the tumultuous 1960s. These figures actually helped transform that environment just as their better-known anti-establishment allies were reshaping other institutions throughout society." - Business and Investment Editor
Making Democracy Work
Robert D. Putnam

"This book was probably the smoothest and most interesting political science text I've read this year. Putnam ties democratic theories together clearly, making Italian regional government seem exciting. The reader will also appreciate the underlying commentary on democracy and civic participation in a global sense, particularily in the United States." - Amazon Reader's Review